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We have made a confirmation course called Confirmed. The course prepares young people for confirmation and long term discipleship by encouraging engagement with Christian spiritual disciplines - the young people collect corresponding badges along the way, which has proved quite fun. It would make a good discipleship series as well as being a good staple for confirmation classes. You can download it by clicking here.

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Zoe Phillips - our Youth Pastor - is also a Kensington Area Youth Champion, Youth Advocate for the London Diocese, and has a specific focus on Church Liaison as part of the Youth Minster. She is readily available to listen/advise and consult on any youth work matters for you, no matter what church you’re in. Get in touch by emailing her:

Zoe also co-leads a youth worker support group; Soul Net meets once a month at St. Alban's, in Fulham. If you are a youth worker looking for community, this is the place to come.

Tough Questions

Do you have any big, tough, faith questions niggling you?

Questions are good and totally normal! We’ve found the BeThinking website really helpful - check it out and see if it helps.