We're recruiting:



Christ Church W4 offers a great internship in an exciting part of London. Jobs are fully funded and we have a great retention rate, as well as helping people into long-term ministry... if you want real responsibilities, in a church on a growth spurt, we'd love to hear from you. Internships are usually linked to the New Wine Discipleship Year, and you won't be out of pocket at all... To register an interest for 2019-2020 please contact explaining why you may be interested in the role. 


Gap Year

We are excited to offer a 12-month gap year programme to school leavers from Christ Church W4’s own youth group. We believe this is a fantastic opportunity for you to grow as a disciple, as a leader, and serve the community. We want it to be a year that shapes you as an adult, helps you build your future on a firm foundation and gives you life experience that catalyses you as a stronger leader and disciple into university, or whatever you do next.