St Alban’s Acton Green is a fantastic, large space that has been restored to community use over the past four years. It is a wonderful venue for large celebrations, concerts of all types, youth events, theatre/film/TV rehearsals, dances and combined wedding and receptions.

There is a small kitchenette for preparing hot drinks but external caterers will be required for large events. There is an additional room that can be used as a dressing or preparation room. The building is fully accessible and there are 3 toilets, one of which is for disabled users.

Please note the Prayer Chapel is NOT available for hire.

The approximate dimensions for the space are as follows:

Nave 16.17m wide x 22.83m long
Baptistry 6.02m wide x 3.80m deep
Stage 6.40m wide x 11.03m long
Pebbles Room 5.25m x 5.74m

St Alban's Floor Plan High Res.jpg

AV equipment is available by agreement for which there may be an additional charge. Please note, however, that we do not have a professional sound engineer available for hire. For professional sound engineer support during an event, independent arrangements will need to be made by the party hiring the venue.       

If you are enquiring about a marriage ceremony in one of our churches, please note that you need to be living in the parish, or have been attending our church for at least 6 months.   

To enquire about availability, please complete the form below. 

St Alban’s Enquiry Form

We will respond within two working days.

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Please note: All sales of and/or acceptance of donations for alcohol must be arranged through Ealing Council via a timely application for a Temporary Event Notice license. Proof of the license must be presented to the CCW4 office no later than 2 days advance of the event, and a copy of the license must be posted on site and available for inspection during the event.
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