Order of St Alban's

Members of Christ Church W4 who have a clear and recognised public ministry at church and their life/workplace (e.g heading up pastoral care, heading up small groups, regular preaching and leading services, workplace chaplaincy) can receive a commission from Christ Church W4 and the London Diocese, Kensington Area, formally authorising their ministry for a period of up to 5 years. Each member agrees to live by a rule of life 'UP/IN/OUT' as below, and meet with a spiritual director/adviser to debrief their role twice a year. We are very blessed to have a high number of leaders in the church carrying our vision and values. The members of the Order of St Alban's may have other roles in the church life (e.g. Church Warden/PCC etc, and are an informal group who only meet together annually for the recommissioning service. But they provide a backbone for our spiritual and congregational leadership which is invaluable to the church family and to the vicars whom they particularly support. To find out more please talk to the Vicars, or to Simon Wethered who acts as 'Warden'. 


This will have a daily, weekly, seasonal and yearly pattern or prayer, rest and spiritual disciplines. It could be a silent retreat or a noisy conference, a Bible App and podcasts, or book based study. Members design their pattern of life around their experience, time commitments and personality.  


This is our service to the church community. It can be the Shelter Project and Sunday School, chairing groups, teaching and preaching, prayer and pastoral care. 


Our vision is that everyone in the community can know that they are loved, accepted and valued by the living God their Father. Members of the order do their best to share this message by just being themselves, with God, for others wherever they go, work and live.