Boundary change process for St Alban’s to continue a bit longer...

The London Diocese’s scheme to see St Alban’s officially re-enter the parish system and come within the parish of Christ Church, Turnham Green is going to take a bit longer to conclude. Some local residents have begun a process to take an appeal to Privy council regarding the Diocese’s Pastoral Committee’s decision to pass the scheme, which you may recall they did, on the 22nd April. They will have some time to prepare an appeal, and with a summer recess as well for the Privy Council, we have been advised not to expect a conclusion until September or October. We have confidence in the process, which although lengthy, has been thorough and we are grateful for all the hard work those at the Diocese and of course Bishops and Archdeacons have put in on behalf of the scheme already. 

We are also pleased that it allows for all local voices to be heard and the main thing is that we continue to pray for God’s guidance, for his will to be done and that when the process does finally come to its conclusion, that whatever its result, that the whole community around St Alban’s will then be able to move forward together. We are in this together, for the sake of the whole community and to the glory of God. So please do continue to pray for wisdom and blessing on all involved in the process, including those objecting the scheme, and those who will ultimately make the final decision. 

In the meantime, St Alban’s will continue to come back to life in every other way and see lives changed by Jesus as we worship, pray, teach the bible, welcome, reach out and party - see the Barn Dance and Hog Roast event here.