Join us for a sponsored walk for St. Alban's!

As we look to the development of our St. Alban's site and the growth of our community we are walking a marathon this June! All are welcome to join and we are encouraging everyone to get sponsored and to see this as a great chance to get to know others in our church. 

If you are planning on walking you must use the sign up form at the bottom of the page.

Planning on doing the walk?

Here is some very useful advice from our own Peter Duckworth about preparation. A must read if you are coming along.

Key information

- Date: 25th June
- Full Distance: 26 miles
- Start Time: 7.00am (ending at around 5.30pm)
- Starting point: St. Alban's Church (Location here)
- Walk from there to Chiswick station and then by train to Staines and return on the Thames path via Hampton Court, Kingston and Richmond. 

Target Sponsorship: £100 adults and £20 for youngsters but please try and raise as much as you can!!

We recommend getting training and sponsorship as soon as possible! 


We hope that all adults will be able to raise at least £100 and youngsters £20. If you want to arrange sponsorship on your own that is great but we recommend using our MyDonate page where you can specifically raise money for our charity.

To do this please follow these steps:

  1. Go to our MyDonate page by clicking this link or the image opposite
  2. Select the pink button 'Create a fundraising page'
  3. From the following options please select 'Join an organised event'
  4. Login or create your personal account with Mydonate
  5. When you've logged in please search for the charity 'Christ Church Turnham Green'
  6. Find the event Back to Life - St. Alban's then select 'Create your page'
  7. Fill out the form and follow the instructions then promote it as much as possible!

If you would like to use another site like JustGiving you can, but we recommend using MyDonate since you donate directly to our charity (and MyDonate doesn't take a cut of all the donations!).

Want an image for your fundraising page? Use the picture at the bottom of the page!

Want to share the cause with possible sponsors? 

We have created a whole website dedicated to the future of St. Alban's, giving a vision of all that building could be as the beating heart of our community. Please share this as much as possible!

You can find the site at or click the photo!

What if I can't walk the full distance? 

We understand that not everyone will be able to join us for the full 26 miles but we would love to encourage as many people as possible to join.

If you cannot join from the beginning you can join us at:

  • Hampton Court (11 miles)
  • Richmond (6 miles) - We reckon this would be a great opportunity for families

We will confirm the precise meeting spots soon, but please know you can still get sponsored and walk with the group!

Sign Up

If you are planning on walking please sign up as soon as you can before the date.

Name *
Are you planning on walking the full distance or part of the way? *
Staines (26 miles) Hampton Court (11 Miles) or Richmond (6 Miles)
Adult or Child? *

If you have any other questions, drop Mike Tufnell an email:

Want an image for your fundraising page?

Why not use this one? To download please right-click and then 'Save As'.