• Christ Church W4: Turnham Green (map)
  • Town Hall Avenue
  • London, England, W4 5TF
  • United Kingdom

Teaching Day - The Book of Revelation

with New Wine speaker, Revd Dr Ian Paul.

The Book of Revelation has been the most influential in the church and yet for many readers it is the most baffling. These three sessions will explore what Revelation is saying and how it is saying it, so that we can be ready to listen to what God is saying to us through this book today. You will find it revealing and empowering—and we will calculate the number of the beast!

1. Revelation as letter
To whom was John writing, and how would the first readers have made sense of this text?

2. Revelation as prophecy
How does Revelation relate to the issues of its day, and how does it speak prophetically?

3. Revelation as apocalypse
How might Revelation speak to us today—what does it say about our world and where it is heading?

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