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Friday Communion Service

Do Not Lie

Friday Communion

Exodus 20:1-21

God is my Banner

Friday Communion
Denis talks about our reliance on God and his provision.

Exodus 17

A Night Like No Other

Friday Communion
We turn to the last plague as God stretches out his arms in defence of his people.

Exodus 11

Small acts, big God

Friday Communion
How God gently calls us to repentance, patiently revealing his power while holding back his judgement.

Exodus 7:14 - 8:32

Leadership Lessons

Friday Communion
How Moses goes from hero to zero in the eyes of his people, despite doing the right thing.

Exodus 4:29-6:12

When Moses said, I don't want to

Friday Communion
Three things in this passage make God angry. Find out why that is a good thing and why people today often ask 'Why doesn’t God get angry quicker?” without even realising it.

Exodus 4

When Justin said, Let my people go

Friday Communion
SKY NEWS came to Christ Church during this service to follow up on Archbishop Justin Welby engaging in the political world with a speech at the TUC. The passage in our series related to someone called by God to shake up an Empire and liberate an oppressed people. Find out what Moses was called to do and think for yourself what involvement church should have in politics.

Exodus 3:15-20

Moses & The Burning Bush

Friday Communion
Qualified and equipped: how God deals with the things that we think disqualify us from doing his work.

Exodus 3:1-15