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Rejoice and Carry On?

Q:What does St Paul do when nothing is going the way he’d like, when the people getting to do things are not the people he’d like, and when the way they do things are not the way he’d like them to do things? 
A: Rejoice and carry on

Richard shares vision and scripture from Philippians 1


The 6 @ Turnham Green

Mark 2:18-22


The 10:30 @ Turnham Green

Mark 2:1-20

The Demon Busting King

The Demon Busting King

10.30 TG
How can we be confident that we are on the winning side of an on going battle? Jesus has come, walked the earth, and disarmed our enemy.

Mark 1:21-35


The 10:30 at Christ Church


The 9am


Blues Christmas