Where we are headed as a church

An opening word from Richard: 

"In recent years, we have developed considerably as a church. We brought St Alban’s back to life and developed the Mission Hall as a hub of ministry and community activity. We've established a "Youth Minster" and created resources, taken youth to festivals and held events where young people gather and respond to Jesus. We've trained interns, volunteers, ordinands and curates to develop and bless the wider church. We've developed better connections with the Diocese and New Wine networks, supporting them and blessing other churches in the process. 

In short, we have been shaped as a church to gather, grow and give away

As we've continued to follow God's leading, we've increased our reach and impact on both our local community and the wider church. The announcements that follow are the result of much consultation and prayer. My hope is that you will join myself and Nicola in prayer as we continue to grow together with this church and follow God on the adventure."

We are now a "Resource Church"

We are excited to have been designated as a Resource Church by the Bishop of Kensington, Graham Tomlin. This means we will receive substantial funding which contribute towards us having Jon and Lydia Holder as "resource church curates" from 2019-2022. 

A Resource Church is a church-planting church, which:

  • Is designated by their Bishop as part of a strategy to evangelise a particular area and transform society;

  • Is intentionally resourced to plant and revitalise other churches;

  • Develops a pipeline of leaders for further planting;

  • Provides other resources for mission across the area it operates within.

To enable us to become an effective Resource Church and pursue our wider vision, two key changes will happen to how we run our church locally: 

1) We are renewing our leadership structure, both operationally and pastorally, so we can best serve the church family as we grow.

2) We will be re-launching our morning services, to invest in all ages of the church family and equip us better for mission.


We hope that the videos and text below will help explain these changes as embark on the exciting journey towards God’s Great Future for Christ Church W4.

What is a resource church?

The benefits of being a resource church

1) Our leadership (structure) is changing

We are delighted to announce this year, we are expanding Nicola Moy’s current role as Director of Mission and Ministry at Christ Church W4, and Richard will be becoming Resource Church Lead. Nicola will have oversight of the services and parish ministry of Christ Church W4, whilst Richard will be focusing on developing Christ Church W4 as a Resource Church, including leadership development within the church, revitalising other churches and providing resources for mission. They will continue to lead the church together as Nicola returns from sabbatical in March.

In order to do this most effectively and ensure that we continue to grow our 'home' mission and ministry at Christ Church W4, Nicola will be working full-time once the changes happen.
Legalities and timings: These changes have been discussed and agreed in principal with Bishop Graham, the Wardens and the PCC, subject to the satisfactory completion of the requisite Church of England process and statutes. The Wardens and Bishop Graham expect these steps to have been concluded shortly before or after the APCM at the end of April. Further communication will be given from the Bishop and Church Wardens regarding the ‘processes and statutes’ necessary to effect and celebrate this transition.
Other operational changes: The PCC have set up an "Executive Steering Group" to bring together the operational committee chairs in the church. This will help us get better on HR, Stewardship, Fundraising, Fabric, Development, Finance, Audit and other operational processes. The Church Wardens and Clergy are hugely grateful for those helping convene this group - Mike Smith, Stuart Ward, Jan Tellick, Nikki Lovell. 
Pastoral changes: We will also be establishing service leadership teams to oversee the welcome, worship and witness of each congregation, and deploying the staff team in the most effective way to back this up. 

Changes to the Leadership Structure

Other Structural Changes

2) Our services are changing

In January this year, the PCC agreed to re-launch all morning services across both sites, in order to create two 'new' Sunday morning services which invest in all ages of the church family and equip us better for mission.
The new services will have a familiar feel:

  • 09:30 - Healing Service (with Communion) at Christ Church Turnham Green
    This service will appeal to people from all three current morning services, and will feature The Beating Heart Gospel Choir for children aged 5-14. There will be anointing with oil for healing during the communion each week and a chance to receive prayer ministry after the service. We will be using the liturgy currently enjoyed by the 09:00 congregation, but making sure that the service also feels like 'home' for those coming from the 10:30am who would like to access this. There will be a staffed creche for 0-4s. 

  • 10:30 - Celebration Service at St Alban’s Acton Green
    This service will have an emphasis on worship, teaching and ministry, with communion at least monthly. This will include children’s ministry for 0-2s (Gems), 3-4s (Pebbles), 5-7s (Ground Breakers), 8-10s (Rock Solid) as well as 11-14s youth work at the Mission Hall.

  • 18:00 - (No changes) Extended informal service at Christ Church Turnham Green
    We will continue the evening service with informal worship, teaching, ministry and soaking, with plenty of space to respond to what God is doing. This service is for people of all ages.

When these changes will happen:

  • The APCM will be held at Christ Church Turnham Green on Sunday 28 April as a combined service through the morning and including a play by the youth. At this meeting, we'll recap the changes and celebrate all we've seen as a church.

  • On 5 May, we will begin the new pattern of Sunday services.

We are really excited about all God will do through us and for us as these changes begin to happen. We will be working out more details in the coming weeks and invite you to pray and journey with us into the adventure God is calling us in together.

Meet the Holders!

Our incoming curates are excited to join in the work God is doing here.

Introducing the Holders

Lydia’s thoughts

Jon’s thoughts

Share your questions

We’ll post the answers to some FAQs below over the coming weeks. Please feel free to ask any question, and we’ll give an answer as soon as possible.

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Q1: How can youth get involved and serve in church on Sundays?

A: That depends what you’re passionate about, but you could:

1) Help lead Beating Heart Children’s Choir at 9:30am (Christ Church Turnham Green)

2) Be part of the celebration 10:30am service at St Alban’s and Youth Congregation in the Mission Hall (from c.10:45am)

3) Serve on team at 9:30am or 10:30am - (kids work, sound desk, welcome team, music, prayer ministry, reading etc) 

4) Help grow the 6pm service as a brilliant space for people of all ages.